Ching-chih Chen



Dr. Chen's interdisciplinary career attracted collaborators from many subject areas, including computer science, photography, chemistry, art, and humanities.   Her achievements are many but the highlighted ones can be found at on areas:

  • The First Emperor of China interactive videodisc and digital CD
  • Serving as a member of U.S. President's Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) under both Presidents Clinton and Bush between 1997 and December 2002
  • Digital library development
  • Her signature accomplishment in completing and launching Global Memory Net ( and World Heritage Memory Net (
  • Being the first Asian American formally nominated as American Library Association Presidential Candidacy in 1995.

Continuing Education

During 1980 – 2010, Dr. Chen offered more than 60 Continuing Education Institutes at Simmons College and about 50 globally in more than two dozen countries, including Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and U.K.


Over the years she has been a keynote and/or invited speaker to many international, regional and national conferences in over 40 countries.

Chen initiated a series of 12 International Conferences on New Information Technology (NIT) from 1987-2001 in different parts of the world (Bangkok, Thailand 1987; Singapore 1989; Guadalajara, Mexico 1990; Budapest, Hungary 1991; Hong Kong 1992; Puerto Rico 1993; Alexandria, VA, USA 1994; Riga, Latvia 1995; Pretoria, South Africa 1996; Hanoi, Vietnam 1998; Taipei, Taiwan 1999; Beijing, China 2001. Papers and discussions from these meetings were all formally published as proceedings or books. The outcome of NIT '99 (Taipei) and NIT'2001 (Beijing) are the two-volume books related to the development of Global Digital Libraries – IT and Global Digital Library Development (1999) and Global Digital Library Development in the New Millennium: Fertile Ground for Distributed Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration (2001).

Chen was co-Chair of the 4th ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) held in Tucson, Arizona in June 2004. She was on the Advisory Committee of DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries from 2002-2004, and served as US Co-Chair of the NSF/DELOS Work Group in Digital Imagery for Significant Cultural, Historical and Heritage Materials from 2001-2004.